Uncategorized Home Fire Abatement Tips   Doesn’t it seem like it’s always fire season? Local, national, and even international news is filled with forest fires and dangerously hot weather. Once considered the isolated problem of a few western states, climate change has brought fire danger to locations never previously affected. For homeowners, the expanded danger means utilizing fire abatement strategies […]
Uncategorized Are the Bidding Wars Over?   Are The Bidding Wars Over? Let’s face it, it’s fun to have a home listing during a seller’s market. When inventory is tight, even less-than-perfect homes invite the frantic bidding wars seen over the past few years. But as the economy slows down and interest rates increase, sellers are wondering if the bidding wars […]
Uncategorized Should You Lock Your Interest Rate? Rising Interest Rates – Should I Lock in the Mortgage Rate? One of the most important financial considerations of buying a new home is the interest rate paid on the mortgage. Over time, a higher interest rate can add thousands of dollars to the true cost of buying the home. When interest rates are low […]
Uncategorized Would you buy your home again?   Buying a home is often an emotional decision; perhaps even more so than a practical, financial decision. Real estate marketing has recognized this for decades which is why agents have emphasized curb appeal and staging to their clients. Open houses have featured the smell of fresh baked cookies and soothing music, all in an […]
Uncategorized What does “In Escrow” really mean?   What Does “Pending Sale” Mean? Buying a home is a process. Once a buyer writes an offer and has it accepted, the listing is placed in a state called “pending sale”, also known as “in escrow”. During this stage, the principals involved perform all the elements of the contract, and once complete, the title […]
Uncategorized Seller’s Guide to Buyer Contingencies   Seller’s Guide to Buyer Contingencies Every news article talks about the fact that it’s a “seller’s market.” This means that if you are selling your home, you’ve probably gotten a few offers from which to choose. While sales price is important, so are the contingencies attached to the offer. Understanding what these contingencies mean […]
Uncategorized What Stays with the Home? More than one seller has been surprised to find that their favorite chandelier is not theirs to take when they move. First-time home sellers might be especially confused when confronted with an exclusion form presented by their agent, but understanding what is, and is not included in the sale by statute is important to avoid […]
Uncategorized Expectations for Selling This Season Sellers: Expect Multiple Strong Offers this Season The winter season has traditionally been a slower time for home sales. The guidance in the past has been to wait for the warmer months of spring before listing. However, the current real estate market has created a strong seller’s market and if you’re considering a move, it […]
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